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FB_IMG_1432937297803Donut Day is just two days away, and we want to help you celebrate! But to keep up with the amount of donut orders we get, we need you to order your donuts by the end of the day today!

In case you aren’t familiar with the national holiday celebrating these tasty rings of goodness, Donut Day was started by the Salvation Army in 1938, to honor the men and women who served donuts to soldiers during the First World War. In an effort to provide freshly baked goods for servicemen, the Salvation Army opened up huts across France, offering pie, coffee, and most importantly, donuts. Since then, Donut Day is celebrated on the first Friday of June.

Check out some of the best baked goods in town, including:

Delicious Donuts – Delicious Donuts provides many businesses, including Zupan’s & local coffee shops, with their delicious creations. Odds are that you have had one and not even known it. Delicious Donuts has everything, from the Old Fashioned plain donut to the decadent Buttermilk and Cake donuts, to their “Bad Boy” specialties, including Bear Claws, Apple Fritters, and Cinnamon Rolls.

763701_sweet_years_1To help Celebrate Donut Day, Delicious Donuts has a competition for you: Post a picture of your favorite donut, tell us a story of a donut memory you have, or tell us about your favorite donut you’ve had from Delicious Donuts! Be sure to use the hashtag #DeliciousDonuts and tag us (@pdxpedpow)  and you will be entered to win a Giant 6″ donut from Delicious Donuts!

Gluten Free Gem Bakery – Gem specializes in pastries and desserts to take care of the sweet teeth of Portland’s gluten free population.  Many of their items are not just gluten free but dairy free and vegan as well to accommodate some of the most common food allergies. But the best part is, you can enjoy a Gem baked good whether you’re gluten free or not!

Ready to make the most of Donut Day? Be sure to check out our order page by the end of the day to get into the spirit of things!