In PPP Team

11024108_430426627118881_1557199712_nWell folks, this is the end of the road for me. Unfortunately, I must take my leave of Portland Pedal Power as the marketing specialist and move onward in my new profession as a raptor wrangler. As much as I enjoyed this position, Jurassic World has inspired me to pursue my dreams of joining the dinosaurs.

For those who have been reading, Hi Mom and Dad! And if there happen to be others of you out there, well, thanks for checking in from time to time. I hope I’ve kept it interesting enough to draw your attention, link you to some of our partners, and increase the Return on Investment on our website. Oh, and also informed you on the happenings at PPP. 😉

But seriously, folks, one of the most enjoyable things that came with this job was keeping the blog fresh for our readers. I’ve been blogging for PPP for about two years now, which have gone by faster than a bike barreling down Cornell (as one of our founders Ken might know). Every time we published an entry, it was a new chance to learn about something new in the Portland Area – bike trails,  new food carts serving dishes I could barely pronounce, events in the area that would draw hundreds of people, bicycle news that could only happen in Portland… It’s been a blast.

Throughout my time here, I had the opportunity to get to know everyone in the PPP family. Everyone here has been the most warm, welcoming, and impressively bearded cyclists I have had the pleasure of knowing. From action packed days where the entire fleet was on the road, the quiet after the storm that was lunch hour, the strategic and tactical commands of  dispatch crew, to the shop talk of how the fleet of cargo bikes was running… there was always something happening. I never grew tired of the hustle and bustle, and I’ll miss the team.

Especially you, Buddy. Lets meet up for some milk bones sometime.

jonpicBut most of all, I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to work here. I had a chance to work for a premier bicycle delivery company in the Bicycle Capital of the world! I had a chance to try some of the best food in the city, visit the biggest offices home to the best innovators, and learn the streets of Portland by way of a cargo bike (which includes a LOT more hills than I originally thought.)  How many people have that kind of opportunity?

So thank you Portland! It’s been a pleasure writing about you, and I hope I can continue to learn more and more about this amazing city.

See you on the streets,

Jon Elias
Senior Raptor Wrangler
Former Marketing Specialist at Portland Pedal Power