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Thai food is definitely a comfort food for me. The combination of sweet and savory spices, bright veggies and basil, and coconut-based curries and soups never fail to satisfy. If you’re like me, you crave Thai at least once a week. So let’s get you some!

Portland Pedal Power is proud to deliver for Sunee Thai & Lao, a local restaurant located in the historic Buckman neighborhood. Sunee Thai & Lao offers authentic Thai food as well as unique Lao influenced dishes. Everything from hot curries and noodle dishes to deep fried hard boiled eggs.

Now you can get Thai delivered hot and piping right to your office. Some Sunee stand-outs include:

sunee1Lemongrass Chicken: Chicken breast marinated with lemongrass and then grilled to perfection, served on a bed of vegetables topped with peanut sauce. 

Pad Phet Pla Duke: Crispy, boneless morsels of catfish, plus eggplant, bamboo shoot, basil, bell pepper, kaffir lime leaf, and Kha-chai root stir-fried with red chili paste and fresh coconut milk. 

Pineapple Fried Rice: Jasmine rice with pineapple, vegetables, and egg fried with a special curry powder plus cashew nuts, raisins and shrimp. 

Rice noodles wok-fried in a light but sweet, red sauce with egg, bean sprout, onion, and ground peanuts. This dish is consistently highly rated by customers, many who swear it’s the best Pad Thai around.

Ready to get a taste of Sunee Thai & Lao? Check out our menu and get things cooking!