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Image taken from user Ayla C. on Yelp

Image taken from user Ayla C. on Yelp

Chinese Food has a way of tying some delicious, unique flavors together into a cohesive meal. It can be hard to get quite right, but when you do, it can make your taste buds dance!

Thats why Portland Pedal Power is very excited to be delivering for Golden Horse Chinese, a delicious Chinese restaurant specializing in providing customers with fast & delicious Chinese and Asian cuisine.

Now. you will be able to enjoy some delicious, authentic Chinese meals without having to travel across the Pacific. Take a look at our menu, where you will find some great meals like:

Peking Duck – a famous dish dating back to the Imperial era of China. Traditionally served w/ scallions, cucumbers, & sweet bean sauce.

Fried Pork with Sweet & Sour Sauce – Popular both in & out of China! Prepared w/ tender pork and the traditional sweet & sour sauce.

Shrimp Fried Rice – Traditional fried rice prepared with a helping of shrimp mixed in.

Vegetable Buddhist Delight – An assortment of vegetables cooked in soy sauce and prepared to your liking.

Ready to enjoy some delicious, authentic Chinese food? Take a look at Golden Horse Chinese on our menu!