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Chef Charlie and wife Ali at the deli

We’ve just added a new yummy vendor into our always growing delivery stable, Charlie’s Deli. Chef Charlie Mattouk has got an east coast flair for hefty sandwiches, thick cut meats, and classic deli sides. Their food is handmade from scratch, meat is always smoked or slow cooked in-house, and they don’t skimp on size — these sammies are BIG.

The menu boasts a large selection of meats: smoked brisket, pork shoulder, prime rib, corned beef, and pastrami. The Willamette Week raved about the pastrami on rye and called the brisket “damn juicy.” All sandwiches come with a free side too!

Some menu stand-outs include:
Corned Beef on Rye: Charlie’s Home Made Traditional Corned Beef | Smoked Swiss Cheese | Pearl Bakery Marble Rye Bread | French’s Yellow Mustard | Pickles
Smoked Pork Shoulder: Applewood Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder | Smoked Pepper-Jack Cheese | Pearl Bakery French Baguette | Tomato | Lettuce | Onion | Pickles | Mayo | BBQ Sauce
Pastrami on Rye: Applewood Slow Smoked Angus Brisket Pastrami | Smoked Swiss Cheese | Pearl Bakery Marble Rye Bread | Pickles | Deli & Dijon Mustards
Smoke Angus Brisket: Maplewood Slow Smoked | Angus Brisket of Beef | Smoked Tillamook Cheddar | Pearl Bakery French Baguette | Lettuce | Onion | Pepperoncini | BBQ Sauce | Smoked Garlic Mayo

We’re also excited about their giant fresh baked cookies and cannoli.

He and his wife Ali are an exceedingly friendly pair of hosts as well, with a great staff, and their location downtown is definitely worth a visit. Or even better, order some sammiches direct from us, and we’ll deliver them hot and piping!