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Bike your way to a better bank!

Back in 2011, during all the activities related to Occupy Wall Street, I took my money out of my big bank and switched to a credit union as part of Bank Transfer Day. It was a small move in the right direction for me. I have never regretted this choice.

Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that exist to serve their members rather than to maximize corporate profits like big banks. I can always get someone on the phone, there are no wonky hidden fees, and they have a really usable phone app.

By nature of being member-driven, credit unions tend to be involved in the community and are run under the philosophy of “people helping people.” One of our current partners USAgencies, was founded in 1936 under this foundational philosophy.

Over the years USAgenices has grown to be one of the best member-driven cooperative credit unions in the Pacific Northwest.


People helping people

As a member, you’ll receive super convenient, anytime-anywhere banking with personal one-on-one service, with access to thousands of ATMs and shared branches, online and mobile banking, and 24-hour phone access.

Over the years, USAgencies has expanded their field of membership to serve many more groups in the Pacific Northwest including: active and retired military personnel; state, county, city and municipal employees; Native Americans; and family members of any eligible member.

USAgencies works to be a consistent resource for members along the path of their financial life. Through the USAgencies Community Giving Team they support the social mission of credit unions – to assist with meeting basic needs and to invest in programs to strengthen and enhance the community.

They also offer some pretty smart tips and tricks for managing home maintenance, encouraging members to use the CU as a resource for putting home equity to work. If you have equity in your home, you can use it for nearly any purpose: remodeling, vacations, debt consolidation, and even education expenses. It’s a way to maximize your assets so you can meet your financial goals.

Look into working with USAgencies and switching to a credit union ASAP, you won’t regret the move!