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Capture 2If you’re looking for that special someone — to donate your money to — the Willamette Week Give!Guide is a great place to start. They’ve handpicked 143 of Portland’s most impactful nonprofits and put them all in one place, making it easy to browse categories and donate.

Willamette Week makes it a point to include a range of organizations in the categories of Animals, Arts, Community, Education, Environment, Social Action, Health & Wellness, and Youth. They also work to include both large and small organizations.

CaptureGiving through the Give!Guide offers incentives too, you’ll receive free and discounted products from your favorite local brands via the Chinook Book mobile app (I use this and there are A LOT of really good deals available). Portland area residents who give will receive thank you bags as well, while supplies last.

The Schlesinger Family Foundation is also posing a challenge to donors: nonprofits with the most individual donors 35 and under in each category will be awarded $1000. Get an up-to-the-minute count of each organization’s donors 35 and under here. Willamette Week realizes that if young people begin supporting non-profit organizations at a young age, even at smaller levels, they are likely to continue to give as they get older, and the amount of their support is likely to grow with their incomes.

You’ve been working hard all year, time to put some of that money back to work in the community! Donations are accepted through December 31st.