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Lovely produce at Green Zebra

Just in time for Earth Day, Green Zebra Grocery has its grand opening today for their Lloyd District location. Green Zebra is a full-service grocery store in a small footprint, for neighborhood convenience and quality. I really love this idea and wish there were more markets like it. Reason being: I get easily overwhelmed in the oversized big box grocery stores of today (WHERE is the toothpaste? Where is it?? Aisle 57? Ahhhhhhh!).

So for people like me, who don’t have a car and prefer to shop weekly instead of purchasing giant pallets of dried spaghetti as if preparing for the apocalypse, this is my kind of market. They focus on curating their stock to emphasize healthy, local, and sustainable produce and products. It is also just plain smart to build smaller, local markets in dense mixed-use environments like Lloyd — areas that are walkable and convenient.


Healthy convenience – Get it catered direct!

The Lloyd location also has an added bonus with their ZeBar, where you can pull up a chair and enjoy craft beer or cider or pick up a growler fill. They also have kombucha taps, because, well, of course they do! Green Zebra gives careful consideration to every product in their store. Deli food is cooked from scratch at each location. From fresh brewed coffee to lush salad bar to grass fed beef and sustainable seafood, if they don’t have it, you probably don’t need it.

PPP is now offering delivery and catering from Green Zebra, check out their online menu and order direct — from breakfast goodies to awesome cheese and charcuterie platters. We are super excited about their new location and our partnership!