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CaptureWe’ve just started partnering with Trailhead Credit Union, a local financial cooperative committed to guiding people on their own individualized path to success. Trailhead is well aligned with Portland Pedal Power; they are local and homegrown, they actively support non-profits in our community like the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and the Forest Park Conservancy, and they are committed to supporting the individuality that makes Portland thrive.

Trailhead has been around since 1935, founded during the great depression when there was high demand for small salary advances and loans. Portland Gas and Coke (now NW Natural Gas Company) employees organized to form the union to benefit all employees of the companies. While the credit union has evolved in the last 80 years, the commitment to “serve the underserved” has made Trailhead an valuable option for anyone living in Multnomah County.

Capture 57The great thing about credit unions is that they are not-for-profit and they exist to serve their members. You can be sure your money is not going to big business and you don’t pay excessive banking fees.

Because credit unions have lower operating expenses in general, they pass those savings on to their members. Trailhead offers an interest rate on their checking account for members who qualify and they will reimburse ATM fees. Trailhead also has an app that allows for mobile deposits easy peasy.

If you’re disillusioned by big banks and big fees, it’s time to switch to a credit union. Trailhead is a community bank that is “small enough to know better.” Make the switch today and bank local. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the gorgeous Trailhead bikes on the road!