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During the month of May, we’re encouraging bike commuting for National Bike Month. Urban cycling is not only efficient, it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and saves you money. There are plenty other of ways you can incorporate sustainability and savings into your everyday. Did you know that as a Pacific Power customer in Oregon, you can take advantage of Energy Trust services and cash incentives to improve home efficiency? There are some pretty awesome opportunities right under your nose.

Start here:

  • Capture 23Hot and cold: Energy Trust offers cash incentives for heating system home improvements, assistance finding qualified contractors and financing for your improvements.
  • Plug up the appliance drain: Appliances can drain energy and increase monthly bill. Get cash back for buying energy efficient appliances.
  • Lighten up: Decrease costs with energy efficient bulbs and LEDs.
  • Insulate: Weatherization can help keep the heat in during cooler months and keep you nice and cool in summer, from windows to ducts!
  • Recycle the big stuff: Get rid of that fridge and washing machine and make $30 bucks! Energy Trust will even pick it up for you.
  • Go solar: Find out about you can invest in clean, sustainable power.
  • Get help: Schedule an evaluation of your home to plan your projects and get cash incentives to make it happen.
  • Customized energy saver kits: Order yours online now for a full kit of products that will help you reduce energy costs ASAP.

Small changes can make a big difference in energy usage. Be part of the solution and save!