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Portland Pedal Power is an owner-run company, committed to strengthening our community by supporting local businesses. Since 2009, our fleet has grown to 14 delivery bikes and we are catering bigger and better lunches, fueling local restaurant sales, and promoting likeminded sponsors with a unique active advertising platform.

PPP is the only homegrown on-demand delivery in Portland that is run entirely by bike. We ride the streets everyday delivering lunch for 3 to 300.  We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with the restaurants and markets we work with. We know what they can get you, how much time they’ll need, and how delicious it will be. We simplify lunch orders and special event ordering for over 100 corporate ordering accounts. This means our customers get the best possible service.

Delivering food by bike reduces congestion and C02 emissions on our busy downtown streets. Our commitment to sustainability has led us to further encourage our vendors to think differently about packaging, waste, and reuse. Our customers value our commitment to greener delivery, making us a valuable addition to their overall sustainability practices.

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