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Aidan and Brook being silly in the shop

Last week, we said farewell to our Technology Specialist and Brand Ambassador rider, Aidan McDonald. Aidan was instrumental in helping us manage some of the complicated technical aspects of rider and vendor management. He was also a kickass delivery rider and Brand Ambassador.

While we are super sad to see Aidan go, we are so proud to hear he has made it into the competitive Air Force Pilot Program and will be starting pilot training shortly.


Aidan and the cake (is also a good band name)

With a BA in computer science, Aidan applied to the program and after a series of tests and interviews he was admitted in. He told us he has always wanted to fly and has flown single engine Cessna’s before, so he is really excited to move forward into training.

Brook ordered Aidan an awesome going away cake from the fine folks at Helen Bernhard Bakery, modeled after a F-22 Raptor stealth tactical fighter aircraft. It was the sweetest little fighter jet I’ve ever tasted.

We are sad to see Aidan go, but excited for his future Air Force career. From pedal powering the streets of Portland to piloting the skies, be safe Aidan — we will miss you!