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We’ve recently produced a video anthem internally here at Portland Pedal Power with the vision and hard work of Timothy Wildgoose, a talented former rider who has since gone on to be a cinematographer.  He worked to capture the city of Portland and what we do here at PPP. We all absolutely love how this piece turned out and we hope you will give it a look.

I love what Tim had to say about this project as well:

“I used to do deliveries on bicycle, my first job in Portland and definitely a very Portland job to do. I loved being on the street, it allowed me to meet people of all kinds from kids selling Street Roots to CFOs of the largest tech firms, and lots and lots of restaurant and food cart owners. I got a real intimate impression of our city and loved spending my days outside in the air, in the seasons, and watch it all change. And I loved those moments where everything came together, it all lined up, the whole world was silent for those singular moments of pure beauty.

I always imagined how I could turn this into a video that other people could experience. After imagining this for a couple years I finally hit the road with Portland Pedal Power this spring with cameras on bikes. Yep, we managed to film this entire piece using only bikes – my camera car was a tricycle – no grip truck, no sprinter vans, just bikes. It was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work. Thanks to the friends that came out for cameo appearances and to the folks at Pedal Power for pulling different roles from camera car pilot to rain makers.”

Music · Solo Mio by Mr. Moo