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Alas, the rain has come! It was a long and hot summer (one of the hottest on record), full of sunshine and good times, but with that came a slew of fires, leaving Portland smelling like a campfire, and looking like an ashtray, making everyone feel as if they were living in some sort of apocalyptic dream. I don’t think Portland has ever missed the rain this much!

While we enjoyed being out there in the sunshine, it’s safe to say we are ready for the rain that fall and winter have in store for us.  We just love to be out there on the bikes, sustainably delivering the best that Portland has to offer, year round, no matter the weather. We’re gearing up with rain jackets, lights, reflectors, fenders, and even frickin’ shovels if we need ’em! Just kidding, we don’t ride with shovels, but you know, we would if we had to. Rain or shine, bring it on! We ain’t scared. We look forward to the challenge!

With the change in weather comes a change in the foods you might expect to see. We’ve got access to all kinds of delicious local seasonal foods. Wanna feel warm and cozy? How about some delicious hot soup from Súpa, a baked potato bar from Sterling Catering, or a hot and fresh breakfast bar from Brunch Box? You can expect to soon be seeing some amazing pumpkin curry dishes from Thai Peacock and Sunee Thai & Lao.


Or perhaps you’ve been looking forward to some sweet pumpkin goodies? Gluten Free Gem has some delicious pumpkin bars, you can get a pumpkin loaf from Pearl Bakery, or there’s always the good ol’ fashion Helen Bernhard, already baking pumpkin pie, as well as pumpkin and apple cider donuts. And last but not least, Pacific Pie has some Apple Sour Cream Streusel pies, along with Whiskey Apple if you place a special order.


Green ZebraZupan’sWhole FoodsUrban Pantry, and World Foods have plenty of seasonal sweet and savory platters to offer as well. So don’t be sad that summer is over. Put your favorite sweater on and let us bring you some comfort food to help get you ready!