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The Willamette Valley has been carving a spot for itself in the world of wine for more than fifty years. We wanted to go experience it at its best. Enter Evening Land Vineyards. The vineyard was planted in 1984 and they’re one of the finest wineries in the Willamette Valley. They consistently earn praise and accolades, while using sustainable farming practices. Since we partner with them, we wanted to see the vineyards for ourselves. We packed up one of our bikes, grabbed some friends and headed out to Hopewell.

Taking in the View

We couldn’t have picked a better day. The sun was out in force (We definitely needed more sunscreen) and the view of the distant snow-capped mountains over the tops of the grape vines was breathtaking. We could see five peaks- including Hood, Adams and St. Helens. It was so exciting to see that Oregon’s wine industry has come so far and is so strong — and this spot was perhaps its penultimate vantage point. 

Sipping and Swirling

After taking in the view, it was time to drink the wine! Greeted by Evening Land’s Hospitality Manager AJ, we were showered with some of the best wines we could’ve asked for. Rosé (which is sadly already sold out), chardonnay, gamay noir, and pinot noir all tasted amazing. It’s hard not to like tasty wine when you have a great view. As we sipped and swirled, AJ educated us. Evening Land has been dry farmed since its inception and since 2007 the biodynamic practices lead to becoming LIVE certified.  

In between the Rows

After a couple of tastes, we needed to start the bike photoshoot.  The bike moved all over the place. For instance, it teetered on the edge of the hill for a moment. Then it was in the shade. And then we got down on the ground in the grapes to get the perfect photo. We wrapped it up with a fun group shot. 

It’s great to partner with companies that align with our goals of sustainability and that partnership came together for a fun day. All in all, it was a glimpse into an industry that’s so close to Portland. On your next day off, just hop in the car and go visit some of the best that Oregon has to offer. Make sure you stop at Evening Land and tell ‘em we sent you!