In community, sustainability

Portland Pedal Power provides sustainable catering services to Portland businesses. The PPP bikes are a carbon neutral way to deliver food, but bicycle-based delivery is just one part of the model. Sustainable catering addresses the issues of carbon emissions, food and food packaging waste, and hunger.


Facts about food waste and hunger:

  • Over one-third of food produced is wasted globally, amounting to roughly 1.3 billion tons per year
  • Food and food packaging make up 45% of all materials in landfills
  • Food waste alone accounts for about 8% of global carbon emissions
  • Reducing food waste is the #3 way to reverse climate change
  • Hunger impacts about 15% of Oregonians.

Portland Pedal Power’s sustainable catering model:

  • Food is locally-sourced from Portland’s premiere restaurants, food carts, and bakeries.
  • Meals are delivered with zero emissions using a fleet of cargo bikes.
  • Family-style packaging is the default option reducing packaging and food waste
  • Reusable tableware use is encouraged
  • Leftover food can be donated to local nonprofits- Portland Rescue Mission or Urban Gleaners

In 2018, Portland Pedal Power saved nearly 29 tons of CO2 emissions using bikes to deliver food. We routed nearly 2,500 meals to people in need of food assistance. This year we’re hoping to have an even bigger impact and to create a method for calculating the amount of packaging waste that is kept from landfills through sustainable catering.

Thank you to all of our customers that entrust Portland Pedal Power with providing great food to the office in a more environmentally friendly manner. If you are interested in trying us out, you can order online or email us for more information.

If you have ideas, thoughts of feedback for us, we’d love to hear them in the comments section.