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If you’ve seen any of our riders lately, you may have noticed something different about them.  Perhaps you thought it was a new haircut.  Maybe you were thinking that our riders had shaved or done something new with their eyebrows.  Perhaps it was bike or the helmets they’re sporting.  Then it more than likely hit you like a train using presto logs from Back to the Future II.  “Those jerseys are freakin’ sweet!”  That’s right faithful followers of the bicycle delivery warriors, Portland Pedal Power has new uniforms and they are sexy!

Rider Colin says – “comfortable, don’t know that you are wearing it until someone comments how sharp and professional you look’, plus they have convenient pocket for delivery slips.”

Rider Fitz says about the jerseys – “‘…shirts are very breathable. Love the feel and receive so many compliments”

These beautifully made, custom designed Canari jerseys are courtesy of, and sponsored by,!  You may have

Fitz rockin’ the Canari Jersey

heard mention of some months ago when we told you about their Winter Sale.  Hopefully you were able to catch a bargain during their sale.  If not, go to their website and keep an eye out for amazing deals and upcoming sales.  For a little more about, they were founded in 2002 and ship products across the US and around the world.  They are a fantastic place to go for bicycling jerseys, bib shorts, cycling shorts, and other bicycling gear.  We highly recommend checking them out!  They’re PPP approved!

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