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It is no secret that Portland Pedal Power is growing. More customers rely on us to bring them food, groceries, and other products. More restaurants, publications, food carts, and stores partner with us to deliver their wares. And more businesses sponsor our bikes to affirm their commitment to sustainability while spreading the word about what they do.

With all of this growth we need to keep building more of our Pyxis enclosures to keep up with the demand. And recently, we had a landmark day for PPP- we had enough orders to have five bikes and riders out on the streets of Portland at one time.

Why do we tout this achievement? Five PPP bikes on the road signify more than just revenue for PPP. Five bikes demonstrates that we are able to boost the sales of local restaurants and food carts with delivery to local businesses using bikes instead gas powered vehicles- we fed over 320 people that day! Five bikes mean that we employ enough bike-loving riders to bring those delicious meals to our customers with a smile. And five bikes on the road mean that you, the sustainably-minded Portland residents and businesses, support bicycle based business enough to make this work. While it may sound like we are tooting our own horns here, we are really expressing our gratitude to you for your support of our business.

Our goal in launching Portland Pedal Power was to create a model that helps restaurants, food carts, grocers, and product makers grow their businesses through sustainable delivery. Someday we’d love to see Portland Pedal Power-like businesses in cities around the world. But for today, we’re happy to celebrate five PPP bikes delivering in Portland on a single day. So thank you customers. Thank you partners. Thank you riders. And thank you Portland!

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  • Ken Wetherell

    Whoops. I guess I never learned to spell “M..I..S..S..I..S..S..I..P..P..I”.

  • Ken Wetherell

    Hi five! Toot toot! Go team!

    Carol: Thanks for your request on behalf of Mississipi Marketplace food carts. If you haven’t heard from us yet, a member of the PPP operations team will be in touch with you. Have a great spring yourselves!