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“Busiest lunch ever – 18 deliveries in 1.5 hours.”
That was the message Jenn sent to our co-owner team last month on a day when Portland Pedal Power served over 340 people at numerous downtown businesses on five bikes. Lots of coordination goes on behind the scene to pull this off. Food consistently arrives hot and on time, leaving hungry customers smiling. And we’re gearing up for more — building more Pyxis equipped Yuba Mundos, hiring riders and signing on more clients. It’s an exciting time of growth for us and a good time to introduce the talented people who make it happen every day. They ride, promote, deliver, advertise, dispatch, build, train, innovate, sell, maintain and serve. Meet the faces of Portland Pedal Power!
Jennifer Dederich, Co-owner and Head of Operations
PPP would not exist today without Jenn. Full time since day one, she grabbed this project by the horns and wrestled it into submission and eventually into a smooth-running, productive business. Her passion for the business model and her drive for results, continuous improvement and customer delight have moved us further down the road for over four years, doubling our business volume every year. As I said on the first day we ever met — to discuss going into business together — she rocks!
Likes About the Job
“Providing superior service and making people really happy.”
Favorite Moment on the Job
“When everything just flows like butter. When it’s a busy day and it all works out great.”
Least Favorite Moment on the Job
“Weather. Super, super rainy days. Fighting Mother Nature.”

Dan “Fitz” Fitzpatrick, Rider and Mechanic
Fitz is our longest riding employee with over two and a half years in the saddle and behind the wrench. I always enjoy his upbeat attitude and smile. He seems truly unfazed by weather, huge delivery jobs or anything as far as I can tell. He just gets it done, happily. Thanks Fitz!
Likes About the Job
“I love working on the bikes and riding downtown with all the sites and people. And I love the people I
work with.”
Favorite Moment on the Job
“Running a promotion on the bikes during Bridge Pedal and riding over the Fremont Bridge and getting
lots of looks.”
Least Favorite Moment on the Job
“One time I was coming down the elevator after making a delivery and I accidentally hit the alarm button instead of the close-door button. What I didn’t know was that someone in an office had burned a bagel in the toaster and set off the fire alarm. The entire building was evacuated. I thought it was my fault and even apologized to the fire fighters. I was relieved when they told me it wasn’t my fault.”
Colin Wagner, Rider and Corporate Sales Manager
Colin is an upbeat professional. I have been impressed at his passion, initiative and commitment to the company vision. My favorite memory of Colin is from our company retreat two years ago at the coast. He scouted out a location for our bonfire on the beach, which turned out to be an insane hike about two hundred yards up the steepest sand hill I had ever seen! We all earned our oysters and beer that night.
Likes About the Job
“My favorite parts of working with PPP are the people and the growth. I love seeing our corporate clients and regular customers and being able to touch base. It’s a bit like having coworker friends spread out all over our delivery area. As we grow, I love looking at the progress we’ve made as a company and seeing how I have been able to contribute to that.”
Favorite Moment on the Job
“My favorite moments are doing deliveries with another rider. I love the feeling of freedom and independence being on the road alone, but there’s something especially fun about working alongside a fellow rider as we hurriedly check off delivery sheets and load up a trailer full of pizza. That and those moments when I’m biking over the Burnside Bridge and it just starts BEATING down rain and I can’t help but laugh out loud at how ridiculous the moment is.”
Biggest Challenge on the Job
“My biggest challenge has been building the framework for my position as Corporate Sales Manager. From setting up ways to track everything to tailoring our approach to potential clients, I have had to broaden my view of our operations and manage my time and focus in a fresh and challenging new way.”
Alex Kreis, Rider, CAD and Manufacturing
Alex is a quiet and witty soul with exceptional talents and aspirations. In addition to being a strong rider, he is working on reaching his goal of becoming an architect. His CAD drawing and fabrication skills are a growing contribution to our ongoing Pyxis product development and manufacturing. Alex is a super guy to be around.
Likes About the Job
“I like bicycling.”
Favorite Moment on the Job
“The first snow on the job. I come from Southern California where there is no snow and that was really
Least Favorite Moment on the Job
“Flat tires.”


Brook Buxton, Rider and Media Specialist
Brook brings a great deal of marketing value to the company in addition to his riding and promotional role. Many of the blog posts, photos and videos that grace our website and social media pages are his work. Brook is a super balanced guy with a level head and is a delight to work with.
Likes About the Job
“It’s awesome to take food to people. They are never mad when I show up.”
Favorite Moment on the Job
“Riding elevators, to 20, 30, 40 floors or more. You can see all of Portland, Mt. Hood and beyond.”
Least Favorite Moment on the Job
“I was on the new black bike, a super light Mundo, coming over the Burnside Bridge heavily loaded with food from Nong’s Khao Man Gai headed for our largest Corporate Account. I wasn’t used to the bike and how light it was. It was 40 degrees with a howling, unstoppable wind that made the ride feel unstable*.”
*Pyxis designer disclaimer! While the Pyxis has excellent handling characteristics, even in windy conditions, every vehicle has its crosswind component tolerance limit. Super strong gusts do happen and we do get blown around sometimes. As a testament to the skill and care of our rider team, the company has an excellent safety record.