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worst_day_ridersHappy Fall everyone! As of the 23rd of this month, we are officially packing up the good weather. The sun begins to hibernate, we put away the shorts, and we break out the Gortex jacket and rubber booties to endure our 9 months of showers.

I for one welcome our moisture-ridden months, but its also a time to be extra cautious on the road. People tend to forget that it’s been 3 months without water on the roads, and with that comes oil slicks and bad attitudes.

Whenever it starts to rain when we’re on the road, we always need to take a few extra precautions to make sure both our precious cargo and riders get to their location on time. Here’s a few tips to help keep you safe on the road:

Dress to Stay Dry – Ok, so this might be a “Duh” moment for some people, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. After all, moisture seems to come at you from all directions on busy roads. Be sure to grab the rain jacket, Walz Cap, If you need some new equipment, ask our riders where they get their gear, or check out North St. Bags to see how the locals do it.

Stay Away from the Rainbows – Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing rainbows after a good rainstorm. It makes a good picture for Instagram! But if you see one on the road, steer clear. That’s oil showing true colors. Oil buildup from the summer is still clinging to the asphalt, and provides a wonderfully slick surface the help your face become fast friends with the ground. (Not a friend worth having)

Yellow Lenses – Eye protection like your regular sunglasses are always a good idea, but when it’s overcast and a little darker outside, it might be harder to see where you’re going. Yellow lenses don’t darken your view, but still offer you protection from the water aiming directly for your corneas. It’s science!

Keep the Chain Lubed – With moistness comes a bit more need for upkeep, and your chain does not need to be neglected. Keeping the chain lubed might mean a little more cleaning, but it also means less of a chance for rust.

Watch your Brake Pads – Your break pads work hard during your regular rides, but add in a mixture of dirt and water? You have a fine paste perfect for burning through pads. Keep your eyes on your stopping equipment, and don’t neglect your ride!

Light Up, Everybody! – The unfortunate truth of the matter is the sun is going to start going down much quicker with every passing day. And while the autokinetikon (it’s a real word!), or cars, might be able to see you late into the night during the summer, it’s going to be a lot harder when it’s raining and there’s no light out. Whether it’s reflectors, LED lights, or a cool light-up helmet, make sure people see you!

Are you prepared for the foul weather ahead? Did we miss a good tip to stay safe while it’s raining? Tell us on Facebook and Twitter, or show us on Instagram! We want to see how you stay dry!

  • Len

    Yellow glasses are a great idea. Surprising how much clearer everything is with yellow. They’re not rose colored but the world will be brighter.